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Comparison on BonArea and Pyrenees

So recently 'belle and I came back from Tarragona on our own.  It was quite hard for 'belle as we've had the same videos in the car for a while, and I could hear her sign heavily within about 45 mins.

We got as far as Guissona and I saw that the lights at BonArea were on.  So I figured a break was probably a good idea, although it was getting late.

The restaurant section was open, as was about half of the main shop.  There was a curtain placed what seem arbitrarily across the middle of the store.  In the UK we used have a similar thing when Sunday opening, but the supermarkets weren't allowed to sell booze.  But I could see all kinds of things behind the curtain, like cleaning products etc, things that certainly wouldn't come under any religious ban.  Anyway...

I kept the receipt and then some time later I went round the Pyrenees.  Bit of an unfair comparison I guess as we 20mins away from the Pyrenees and 2hrs from BonArea. Saying that there is a BonArea in La Vella and it has less product range, but identical prices.


Bon Area Pyrenees % Increase Comments  
Oli Oliva Bon Area 1L 3.23 Carbonell Oli D'Olivia 3.69 14%


Galeta Xocolate 0.94 Cote D'Or 1.95 107% Much bigger brand, but the BonAreas did taste nice need to compare. WP_001953
Llet Sencera 0.57 Puleva Calci 1.22 86% This one is semi-skimmed but I don't think there was a price difference. WP_001955
Paper Alumini 30m 1.44 Videla Paper Alumini 2.68 86%   WP_001958
Nectar de Taronja 0.72 "Ready" Zumo de naraja 0.79 9.7%   WP_001972
Ous L Dotzena 1.22 Deu Ou L Rectractil 2.15 76%   WP_001962
Plantan Importac (per Kg) 0.97 Banana "Cabendish" Costa Rica (per Kg) 1.85 90%   WP_001967
Pistatxos 200g 1.95 Manazanares 175g 3.24 66% Less quanity. The BonArea ones weren´t the best ever. Need to compare. WP_001961
Tomaquet Cherry 0.53          
Enciam Iceberg 0.75 Enciam Iceberg 0.95 26.6%   WP_001965
Xoc amb llet Bonarea 150g 0.59 Casino Xoco Blanc 1.45 145% Need to taste compare. WP_001959
Mandarina 2kg 2.04 Taronja (was mandarins) 2K 2.75 34%   WP_001964
Albergina (per Kg) 0.70 Albergina (per Kg) 3.95 464% WHAT! WP_001966
Fromatge Porcions 0.95 Vaca qui rit 1,69 77% Taste test proved in favour of brand. However big difference in price. WP_001963


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