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Hotel Floor Plans, Room Numbers, Views & Interconnecting Doors

My brain wave just now while sitting at the pool:  Hotel Floor Plans, Room Numbers, Views & Interconnecting Doors. Fact one Facebook is promoting it's "Groups" functionality heavily at the moment It's basically "special interest groups" that it does by matching your profile (it's an AI based match) with groups that are made by anyone - in an effort to get engagement.  Having a lot of success with this for B& and also using it as a User - I joined the Corfu group to get information about Ferry tickets. So Facebook doing the marketing basically for you if you have a Facebook Group, because it increases engagement with the site. Fact two We doing this big tour now; France, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece.  Then we will take a ferry back up the Adriatic, loop into Slovenia (see Bella & Kirst), and the back via James' villa in Antibes, and then back home.  One problem we have with the kids is I want to see the la