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Spanish verbs

Damn Spanish verbs can be frustrating.  I been trying for 13 years, and still get confused.  Must be the old brain. I found a great " Cheat Sheet " (for fun try getting a Spanish person to say that :)) on but it a bit long so I cut it down a bit to just the most useful verb endings. The cheat sheet is only good for regular verbs, and the most important/often used ones are irregular. So last intercambio I worked with my friend to translate some typical sentences. Here we are: My mother was here until today, Mi madre ha estado aqui hasta hoy, and she will probably be back in April. y ella a lo mejor volvera en Abril We all had a nice time. Nos lo pasamos bien. Tanya & Isabel went to Barcelona on Sunday for appointments Isabel had yesterday and today. Tanya y Isabel fueron a Barcelona dominigo para hacer encargos Isabel tenia ayer y hoy. They are coming back now and are expected to be at home when Henry and I get there. Ellos estan

How do you fix a roll of aluminium foil once it's started spiralling?

I had this problem. Seen a post on Reddit .  Old one. " This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast" That is a shame.  As I now have a better answer than any of the posts. Get a pair of tweezers and scrape down from the part of the foil roll that is "stuck".   Don't matter if it digs down into the layer beneath.  Try to maintain even digging across the roll. Worked a treat!

Dog Saga Continues

So this new neighbour of ours who really must rank as one of the most selfish people ever, now has a new dog rapidly changing from puppy to expert-barker, in addition to the two older dogs she had previously.  The puppy has a hoarse-sounding bark that is even more penetrating than the older dogs' barks. My whole body convulses when the damn thing goes off.  It is not possible to concentrate on my work, when they looking over the fence and barking away for hours. I googled for some information on the physiological effects of the barking and found an interesting site. This guy seems to have been tormented for years by inconsiderate neighbours, but checking his facebook, it appears that he has been able to sell up and move. So good for him!  I however am stuck with this woman who very rarely exercises her big dogs, so they roam around the yard all day barking madly at cats, birds, wor