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How much will a Bitcoin eventually be worth?

Bitcoin is the future of money.  No question.

Once the exchange rate settles down, and people realise they can make transactions without having to pay a bank or credit card company for the pleasure of pulsing some electrons down a wire, then it will be fait-acompli for the currency.

It is described as "deflationary", however this is only the case because the exchange rate against the fiat currencies is rising, so it appears so.  Once there is stability it will no longer appear deflationary.

They will then might also realise that they cannot be screwed over by their government by money printing.

So I've been thinking what will the eventual exchange rate be?

According to this Wiki article  there was 4 trillion in circulation in 2008,  it is now 2013 and there has been a lot of money printing by the central banks so I'm guessing (I can't find any up-to-date figures) but say there is 8 trillion USD equivalent circ… apostrophe hall of fame

Nottingham Victoria Railway Station

Reading this article and the section on St Pancras I am reminded of another, albeit much smaller, station that appears to be architected in a similar style.  That is of my old University town of Nottingham. I used to see the Viccy centre clock town and often would use it as a navigation point for meeting people or directions etc, however never realising that is was once part of a magnificent station.  Only now many years later did I read the truth.How short-sighted, or ignorant, or both could the town planners, councillors etc. been from the 60s and 70s?   I think, damn the expense, we should knock down completely hideous disasters like the Victoria Centre and rebuild brick for brick only buildings like this.    The Germans have beautified many of their cities.   It works well for American and Japanese tourists, and with minor adjustments could make our City centres more livable places again.Here are a couple of pictures showing the before and after results of Nottingham Victoria…http…

Kids, LCD screens and Wii

If you have a seven year old boy, and a Wii my recommendation is that you mount the screen far away from him. Or your beautiful LCD display might look like mine very soon.

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Foods and their Proteins, Fats and Sugars - In catalan.

Just been to the quacks.  Cholesterol and Triglycerides high.  Glucose at limit.  So thats the end.  40 years of eating what I want are over.

Comparison on BonArea and Pyrenees

So recently 'belle and I came back from Tarragona on our own.  It was quite hard for 'belle as we've had the same videos in the car for a while, and I could hear her sign heavily within about 45 mins.

We got as far as Guissona and I saw that the lights at BonArea were on.  So I figured a break was probably a good idea, although it was getting late.

The restaurant section was open, as was about half of the main shop.  There was a curtain placed what seem arbitrarily across the middle of the store.  In the UK we used have a similar thing when Sunday opening, but the supermarkets weren't allowed to sell booze.  But I could see all kinds of things behind the curtain, like cleaning products etc, things that certainly wouldn't come under any religious ban.  Anyway...

I kept the receipt and then some time later I went round the Pyrenees.  Bit of an unfair comparison I guess as we 20mins away from the Pyrenees and 2hrs from BonArea. Saying that there is a BonArea in La Ve…

Short phone numbers Hall of Shame

Another common problem on the Internet I have often encountered (in addition to the apostrophe problem with my name) is web forms not accepting the very short phone numbers we have in Andorra, which is where I live.

So often the process of form filling is fraught with difficulties. Lots of times have I filled in forms only to find that the final step, maybe activation via SMS or phone call has failed.

So like my other Hall of Shame I get to let off steam by posting the failing websites addresses here.  First off a big one.  Twitter.

1)  Twitter does not accept short phone numbers for its "add mobile to account" form.

2) They even auto-detect my IP and give me STA Andorra Telecom (The only phone company) as a choice e.g.   but lo and behold the short number still does not work.