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47J Notice Avoidance Solution

My brother got a 47J PCN (fine) notice from Kingston Borough Council (where he lives in London), for parking in Bus Stop. I have to say that this policy and its method of enforcement is one of the most disgusting and annoying things that happen in the UK and one of the reasons I left. Here is some video footage that was taken, and I tweeted from my @redplanettravelboss account. #warning for #tourists to #london who #hirecar . You will get a #fine for stopping in a #busstop . This is my #bro dropping off a friend 55GBP — RedPlanetTravelBoss (@redplanetters) August 25, 2017 You can clearly see some things: 1) There was little traffic in Clarence Street at that time. 2) There were no buses in the stop. Talking to my brother he explained why he needed to pull up quickly. 1) The bus you see rounding the corner at the end of the sequence is the X22 service to Heathrow.  The friend he was dropping needed to get on this bus.  The X22 is limited

Where does office lens store files on android phone?

Question: where does office lens store files on android phone? Answer: Surprisingly hard to find. I found them in \camera\pictures\office lens [cid:image001.png@01D31460.DB31B440]