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How much will a Bitcoin eventually be worth?

Bitcoin is the future of money.  No question. Once the exchange rate settles down, and people realise they can make transactions without having to pay a bank or credit card company for the pleasure of pulsing some electrons down a wire, then it will be fait-acompli for the currency. It is described as "deflationary", however this is only the case because the exchange rate against the fiat currencies is rising, so it appears so.  Once there is stability it will no longer appear deflationary. They will then might also realise that they cannot be screwed over by their government by money printing. So I've been thinking what will the eventual exchange rate be? According to this Wiki article   there was 4 trillion in circulation in 2008,  it is now 2013 and there has been a lot of money printing by the central banks so I'm guessing (I can't find any up-to-date figures) but say there is 8 trillion USD equi