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no Friends-Reunited

So farewell then FriendsReunited!  Typically British invention totalled by superior American effort.     Here are my musings on there, before they get deleted.     Went to Nottingham to Uni - realised there was a lot more cash and fun in computers rather than biology! Updated 2001 - Changed my career direction, and stayed in Nottingham for many years. Recently returned to London and work in a .com in the city. Live in Oval, Kennington and would love to hear from anyone who I had a laugh with at Shrewsbury, Epsom or college. Updated 2002 - .com went under. hehe. so cleared off travelling in SE Asia. Found an interesting new job in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and am still here. Got a pet-project website which I do on the side. Update 2004 - Been contracting back in the UK for a while. Itchy feet feeling coming on again. I can be spammed happily at - bendecko at h*tmail c*m with the word NOSPAM in the subject line Uodate 2006 - Now in Tarragona Spain, have the most am