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Resistance is futile. Brexit end game.

How will Brexit play out? Theresa May has just survived her leadership challenge.  The meaningful vote on her deal has been kicked into the long grass and is now scheduled for early next year (2019). I've been thinking about what the possible eventualities could be.   And I must as a Remainer I'm pleased with what my crystal ball is telling me. As a "hard-remainer" I'm actually tempted not even to bother pushing for a #peoplesvote.  I'll tell you why:  Living in Spain and Andorra for the last 13 years I can tell you the Euro and Schengen are the two BEST parts of the EU that you can appreciate on a daily or weekly basis. The ability to travel across borders without any passport control, and then being able to spend the money that is already in your pocket without visiting any bureaux de change and losing a % in the process is wonderful. As a programmer I like logical flows, so I've knocked up a little flow chart to see what will happen dependin

Website Change Detection Monitoring

I woke up this morning to receive something I have been expecting for some time. The "death knell" of I've made a video walkthrough of the site in case someone wants to duplicate it's functionality.   Please plan on making it ad-supported - in most cases private users like me will not stand for a paid for product - certainly not one that costs as much as I pay for groceries for the family on any particular day! There were a couple of pages (from the top navigation), that I missed on the demo. The Webmasters link This must have been useful for self-generating marketing for over the years. Webmaster's were able to get some generated HTML code to paste into their site. The Directory Link This page gives some indication of the scope and capacity of Today it is monitoring over 2 million pages.  I was monitoring 50 pages (but am probably quite a heavy user).   If we guesstimate average