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Patent Trolls

I read Austin Meyer's account of his fight against a patent troll .   It does seem unfair, and likely to stifle innovation. Is it not quite easy to fix?  Surely in order to get a patent infringement case settled the patent holder must have to show  active development? If there is active development this compensation payment can based on relative investment to the patent "infringer?"  OMG: So it appears to be some sort of scam being perpetrated in the Eastern District of Texas with families who Should Know Better being involved.  Judge Father and Son Lawyers - this a joke? Whole buildings setup with fake companies.  Wow. Making the US of A look more like a banana republic everyday.

A better way to elect MPs: Proportional Division Representation

I may have stumbled on a better way to elect MPs: Read it below...  But first let me give you some background. The UK still uses the archaic "first past the post" voting system.  This needs to change.   Back in 2011 there was a referendum on changing this to the Alternative Vote .  We were already living in Spain then, but I followed it closely - the campaigns and the themes . At the end of the day people said.... "It's all too complicated ... we stick with the status quo". What a shame.   Fast forward to 2019 and Boris was able to lie through his teeth campaign with a clear message and get a thumping 80 seat majority - by getting a few more racist old people in the North to vote for him  than would normally do. Ultimately there was a majority of vote for Remain-parties but the way the cookie crumbled down the constituency-lines meant Boris and his team of ultra-right wingers got in. What can be done about this? I been looking at all the plethora of different

Distributed Backlink Service

Wouldn't it be great to work together and create a "distributed search engine" with the index spread across thousands of peer nodes - a Google beating thing of beauty and love and money. Sadly the latency, speed, algorithmic and storage requirements make this a non-starter .  Try the state-of-the-art example like  yacy  and you'll see what I mean. It's just occurred to me - something that might be as least as lucrative ( 1 , 2 , 3 ) is a "link database" - and several factors easier to code and manage..... ....Who fancies giving it a go?

Patriotism and Brexit

 It's been very easy for Brexiteers to claim that Pro-Europeans are un-patriotic or even traitorous . Who wouldn't want to "break free" of a "foreign power" and make our own way in the world? This is very disingenuous. By entering in the EEC/EU the UK agreed to be in partnership with other countries and share rules.  So it wasn't a case of "them ruling us and we can say nothing", and if it was wished to be simplistically stated, then it would "them ruling us, and us ruling them back"... "however much Germany [or insert other country] is ruling us, we are ruling them back in equal measure". I recently watch a documentary on YouTube about the Windscale disaster.  Click the YouTube video that is set to the part in the film where it is recounted. In 1946 the Americans' policy on nuclear secrets changed.  Britain was no longer allowed to share or participate in what the USA was doing in terms of nuclear weapons. This came as

Live Aid Nice logo

This is the logo from the Live Aid concert's back in the 80s.  I just thought it is such a smart logo that I'd put it here and say that.

Dog Saga... Some relief!

So those of you avidly waiting for the next update about my long running dog saga will be pleased to know I have some good news! Their owner has bought another house in our street, and moved the dogs up there!  That deserves another exclamation mark! So, how bizarre. - She says she "doesn't have a lot of money to put a nice wall in" - yet is capable of buying another house in cash - I know this because it was auction sale, and you have to deposit 90% of the cash before they let you bid here in Andorra. - Her new immediate neighbours are a fiesty french-woman, and a vet.  Both of whom will now, in turn, be highly unimpressed with the dogs antics when she is out of the house.  The vet has been trying to sell his house for many year now.... that's even less likely to happen now. - I doubt she bought the additional house so I, and the other neighbours this end of the road, could get some peace; but it does make me wonder if she's actually not selfish - jus

Jon Danzig explains why the EU was created

This reason alone is sufficient for me to wish that the UK rejoins the EU.

Why we will be back in Europe and surprisingly quick

1) Take away Brexit Boris, and all you have are "swivel-eyed-loons".  Think about it - who is in any way "normal" in the current Brexit party - sorry Conservative Brexit Party?  I mean look at them.  What a bunch of awkward misfits...   And in the ranks... all those odious backbenchers like Mogg, Baker, Jekin, Cash, Redwood, Bridgen & Francois. It was Boris what won it.   And Boris is going to come seriously unstuck....   Either he goes soft brexit, so then what was the point?  Or he goes hard, and boy it's going to be hard; and with it an economic hit. You see the problem?  Boris has nailed the Conservative & Brexit party flag so hard to the "Outside Everything"-mast; that he can't possibly go back. 2) All the Labour party have to do it get someone vaguely presentable, certainly Starmer would be fine, or Nandy or Thornberry and propose a "EFTA"-like trading arrangement.  That's back in folks, and as far as we want

Keep Britain in Europe 1975


Types of Link Partnership

Before Google hit the scene big time in the early 2000s all linking partnerships between sites was for traffic reasons. You might find a site that offered a complementary but non-competitive service and do a link swap (reciprocal link) between the two sites. Since the rise in dominance and importance of Google, it is necessary to employ linking strategies that avoid direct reciprocal links if maximum value it to be achieved. That is not to say that a good traffic bearing or similar themed reciprocal link is to be avoided. If you can arrange different types of links (like those listed below) your site, and your partners will appear higher in the search engine rankings as a result. One Way Link Partnership This is the simplest type of link. You have got a one way link to your site from another. You are not giving a link back in return. This is the best type of link.  For a link like this from another site look at submit article - you control the content of the link