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How to change Organisation Owner to different account in VSO

Visual Studio Online (now know as AzureDumpO or something too) is free for 5 users.  It get's expensive the moment you start to pay. You can create a new VSO account with an email address from the project you making, and then add yourself into the project.  You've "lost" a seat however with the email address from the project. "Organization admin cannot be downgraded to stakeholder license" is what you get if you try to downgrade that account to Stakeholder. You can get round it by going into VSO as the user who owns the account ( Click Users .. Security .. Project Collection Administrators .. Members .. Then add yourself in there. Once you've done this logout and login as yourself. Then hit the clog, and Settings.. Adding yourself as the Organisation Owner. You can now downgrade the to stakeholder. Not you should go back into the Project Collection Administrators and add the account back

5 point plan for Microsoft Success

I'm a lifelong Microsoft user: From early beginnings with GWBasic..  thenVB3&4 at university, classic ASP, did an NT4 MCSE and most recently MVC.. IE was a disaster, so was Windows Mobile & now Windows Phone. I lost Office when the damn ribbon appeared. Visual Studio/Visual Studio Online/ MVC are what keep me in the MS World.  (I also have Ubuntu installations...) Here are 5 points that if implemented would make life a lot simpler again; and probably make Microsoft even more money: 1) Dump the "Store" and let .exes run directly on WP10 Like you can on Windows Desktop.  Sure there might be the odd virus or other problem.  But it's no different from the Desktop OS. 2) Put the bloody toolbars back on Office. In fact put the toolbars and buttons and everything else back where was on Windows XP, for me "intuitive" means "guess" & "digging about".   I'm happy to have everything in menu that I can scro

European version of Mount Rushmore

Andorra is getting good a creating unique events and locations to attract visitors.  We have the Caldea Spa , the summer time free Cirque du Soleil show , and most recently the art/structure of the rock of Quer viewpoint. I still think that Andorra should specialise in something; like the Swiss are synonymous with clocks, watches and banking... but that's the subject of a different blog post. As an additional "attractor" we should commission an artist to carve out a face into a mountain in the same way that Mount Rushmore was.  This would be the "European version" of this famous work of art. There are lots of locations suitable, but there is one particular rock face that I walk by very often on my way home. It is overlooking the village of Erts. This is a large, must be 20/30 metres high face - that to my untrained eye, does look suitable.  You can't really get the full effect from my photo - try Google Maps to see it better. But who shou