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Apostrophe Hall of Shame

The apostrophe in my name does cause a whole load of hassle. Luckily for me, as a programmer, it makes me more likely to understand the frustration people must experience when they sign up on Internet forms and the thing fails. These can include: Validation errors kicking out my perfectly legal full name. Database INSERT errors as the the apostrophe is the termination character. Insufficient digits for my perfectly usable Andorran mobile number. Messed up character when I enter the name of our house in the Pyrenees called 'Chalet Eché'. Now living in Iberia with all the accents and other non-English characters, I can see we got a long way to go. A lot of sites make it damn hard to contact them in any meaningful way so as a little helpful reminder here are some of the more annoying form breaks I've discovered as I surf the web.  I suspect a techie looking at the web server logs is more likely to pick up this post, rather than a customer support person w

Problems signing up Sony Xperia U and Google Account

So some hilarious problems trying to sign up Tanya with her Xperia U and google account. Not only is she forced to take a gmail account which she will never use, it then took me at least 10 goes at the captcha, see pic. And the worse thing. It's not even over yet as there is a problem communicating with Google servers at this time, final pic. Sent from my Windows Phone