Monday, September 14, 2015

Why web forms can be very irritating when they not working

I got an ACE-FX card when in the UK recently as my Credit Card companies were charging a horrific "Foreign Currency Surcharge" on every payment I was making in USD and EUR.

It came quickly, in a day or two, and the original 50 GBP I loaded I was able to buy something from Google in USD for 25 USD no problem.

So I get to Andorra and think, "Right I need to load this up".  So login to the Account.

Huh, there are no transactions and no details.  They did have a problem initially with my details - damned apostrophe and some incorrect data entry their end (wrong birthdate) and a lovely little 0870 line where you have to "activate" your card before use that forces you to spend at least 3 mins on the phone - and considerably more if they have screwed your birthdate up, so you will never manage to activate... It's all coming back to me now.


Here I am.. I need to mail them.   Huh.. no traditional email just one of these damn forms. 


So I fill it out

Go an hit "Send".. and Boom!

Clicking back... All my typing and message have disappeared.

Jon Danzig explains why the EU was created

This reason alone is sufficient for me to wish that the UK rejoins the EU.