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change someone from stakeholder to basic contributor VSO

The VSO/VTFS website control panel is so damn confusing! We only get 5 seats with the free version, and subscriptions are waaay too expensive. So I have to swap my occasional guys in and swap someone else out. This is how you do it. Step 1 Click the VSO symbol in the corner Step 2 If necessary press the ... menu and select Users. Step 3 Press the next ... menu by the user you want to change from Stakeholder to Basic Member. Boy that's hard to find each time!

Neighbour with dog goes out to work

For 8 years we've had this house and it has been so tranquil. I'm a programmer so it was ideal as I can concentrate on my work without any disruption. This changed last September when the new neighbour moved in. She has 2 very noisy dogs that now roam her yard. This yard is much closer to me than her "home office", which is on the other side of her house.  So they bark all day. Even more frustrating is that she has a full-time job, so just clears-off in the morning letting the hounds charge about her plot barking madly at anything that takes their fancy; birds, cats, or people in the street. I cannot describe how irritating this is.

47J Notice Avoidance Solution

My brother got a 47J PCN (fine) notice from Kingston Borough Council (where he lives in London), for parking in Bus Stop. I have to say that this policy and its method of enforcement is one of the most disgusting and annoying things that happen in the UK and one of the reasons I left. Here is some video footage that was taken, and I tweeted from my @redplanettravelboss account. #warning for #tourists to #london who #hirecar . You will get a #fine for stopping in a #busstop . This is my #bro dropping off a friend 55GBP — RedPlanetTravelBoss (@redplanetters) August 25, 2017 You can clearly see some things: 1) There was little traffic in Clarence Street at that time. 2) There were no buses in the stop. Talking to my brother he explained why he needed to pull up quickly. 1) The bus you see rounding the corner at the end of the sequence is the X22 service to Heathrow.  The friend he was dropping needed to get on this bus.  The X22 is limited

Where does office lens store files on android phone?

Question: where does office lens store files on android phone? Answer: Surprisingly hard to find. I found them in \camera\pictures\office lens [cid:image001.png@01D31460.DB31B440]

301 redirect website

When a webmaster needs to move from one domain to another he or she needs to employ what is technically know as a 301 server redirect. Most people are familiar with an error 404.  This is a "Page Not Found" error code that is understood by your browser. There are many errors in the 400-499 range, and they all mean something (kinda expected) went wrong on the client you were connecting with.  There are many others but seen less often; for example, error 401 is "unauthorised" - maybe your username and password sent was incorrect. You can see all the well-known error codes on this site: Status codes in the 300-399 are "redirection" codes; not errors.  They instruct the viewer (either a robot like Google's indexer, or a normal person using a browser) that they should in future not bother loading the original page, but go directly to the new page. Why might you want to redirect visitors to

How to export items from the UK to Andorra

Andorra is outside the EU. The UK is currently inside the EU! That means if you get something delivered to Andorra from the UK you don't have to pay the 20% UK VAT. You will have to pay just 4.5% IGI in Andorra. The simplest method I have found is to order the item and have it directly transported to Andorra. Someone like the NA Grup (You see their trucks regularly around La Vella town) are good to the transportation. Thomas there speaks English. That way the selling company in the UK can simply not charge you any VAT on your Invoice as they have a delivery address outside the EU. The delivery can get expensive, so you might consider doing it yourself. In which case: The key phrase you are looking for the UK retailer is "VAT retail export scheme". You won't be able to get anything by mail order, eBay or any other internet retailers doing it; you will have to pick up whatever you buying in person. If they are member

What do to if your phone is stolen in Andorra

Andorra is a very safe place.  You are likely to get it back. However, you might not.  I was skiing up a Pal (Vallnord) and was using my phone - a lovely shiny Lumia 950 with Dual SIM - about £600 retail - and must have mislaid in the toilets.   Looking back I think I left it on the sinks. Anyway I got to the car, realised my error - but by the time I got back; it was gone. I went to the office to report the loss, they have a log book there.  I then drove home.  When I returned I asked my wife to ring the phone - it was ringing, but no-one was picking up. I'd setup find my phone; so went to the website and this is what I saw. The phone was now at the town-end of the cable car!   I was hopeful that someone had picked it up and was returning it to the office at that end... But then why were they not picking up the phone? A while later it was further down the road - so that's it.  Someone (probably a spanish youth) has decided the phone is now his. It had a PI

Do they drive on the left in Andorra?

Normally you have to drive on the right in Andorra. Duh. But us old Brits, well, we are bit quirky, so we drive on the left. If you want to feel like you're back in Blighty there is a 80m strip of road you can get your fix of left hand driving. Unfortunately the fix will be to just look at the cars driving as not anyone can drive here; you will need a pass for one of the blocks of flats on there, haha, as it is residents only. It's near the big ferriteria/freezer store, and Parc Central. At the end of that road is the bus station (soon to be closed).