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Patriotism and Brexit

 It's been very easy for Brexiteers to claim that Pro-Europeans are un-patriotic or even traitorous . Who wouldn't want to "break free" of a "foreign power" and make our own way in the world? This is very disingenuous. By entering in the EEC/EU the UK agreed to be in partnership with other countries and share rules.  So it wasn't a case of "them ruling us and we can say nothing", and if it was wished to be simplistically stated, then it would "them ruling us, and us ruling them back"... "however much Germany [or insert other country] is ruling us, we are ruling them back in equal measure". I recently watch a documentary on YouTube about the Windscale disaster.  Click the YouTube video that is set to the part in the film where it is recounted. In 1946 the Americans' policy on nuclear secrets changed.  Britain was no longer allowed to share or participate in what the USA was doing in terms of nuclear weapons. This came as