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Schengen Stepping Stones

There you have it:  Brexit has stopped "freedom of movement".  Yup - YOUR freedom of movement. Incredibly, incredulously, incompetently thousands of Brits who live in the EU actually voted FOR this: Anyway this article is not for you.  Please stop reading now. Barry and Diane :  Coming back to the UK to vote OUT, even though they live in Benidorm.  I wonder how they getting on? How to get around it?   The fact is you have 90 days in any 180 days in the Schengen zone.  That is from Portugal all the way to Finland.  This is a little confusing; some of us are used to "visa-run" from places like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore or Hong Kong: you just leave for a day, and come back and get another 6 months or whatever.  This is NOT the case with Schengen.   You have a rolling 90 days in 180 .  Yup that right... no more go out in September, come back in April stuff for you. A better way to calculate might be "How many days have I spent in Schengen in the last 90?"