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Introducing PDR: A Bold Proposal for Fairer Representation

I have come up with an improved method for electing MPs, and I'd like to share it with you. But before I do, let me provide some context. Currently, the UK utilises the outdated "first past the post" voting system, which needs to be reformed. In 2011, there was a referendum on adopting the Alternative Vote system, but the complexity of the proposal led to people choosing to stick with the status quo. It was a missed opportunity. Fast forward to 2019, and Boris Johnson's campaign, filled with misleading statements, resonated with certain voters, granting him a substantial 80-seat majority. Despite the majority of votes going to Remain-supporting parties, the constituency boundaries worked in favor of Boris and his team of right-wing politicians. So, what can be done to address this issue? I've explored various complex voting systems, but they tend to be convoluted and difficult to grasp. Hence, I propose a straightforward alternative: Proportional Division Represen

Randsomeware and blackmail crimes to be solved in the future like DNA genetic finger prints can help now?

Having recently become away of an egregious cyber crime incident where a criminal gang attempted to extort a large sum from an organisation via blackmail using a crypto wallet as the money drop; I was musing about the possibility that this crime might one day be solved, and the culprits apprehended in the same way that sex criminals have been apprehended many years after their crimes by DNA matches to evidence left at the scene. Over the past years there have been many successful prosecutions of criminals who committed crimes against innocent people, during the assault they have left bodily fluids or matter that at the time of the assault would have been unable to identify the assailant. The clothing of the victim had been stored however by the police, and as time and technology has moved on so have advanced in DNA matching. Subsequently the criminal, often many years later, has been apprehended as for some reason, often suspicion to do with another crime, they have given a DNA sa