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A better way to elect MPs: Proportional Division Representation

I may have stumbled on a better way to elect MPs: Read it below...  But first let me give you some background. The UK still uses the archaic "first past the post" voting system.  This needs to change.   Back in 2011 there was a referendum on changing this to the Alternative Vote .  We were already living in Spain then, but I followed it closely - the campaigns and the themes . At the end of the day people said.... "It's all too complicated ... we stick with the status quo". What a shame.   Fast forward to 2019 and Boris was able to lie through his teeth campaign with a clear message and get a thumping 80 seat majority - by getting a few more racist old people in the North to vote for him  than would normally do. Ultimately there was a majority of vote for Remain-parties but the way the cookie crumbled down the constituency-lines meant Boris and his team of ultra-right wingers got in. What can be done about this? I been looking at all the plethora of different