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A better way to elect MPs: Proportional Division Representation

The UK still uses the archaic "first past the post" voting system. This needs to change.  Back in 2011 there was a referendum on changing this to the Alternative Vote.  We were already living in Spain then, but I followed it closely - the campaigns and the themes.At the end of the day people said.... "It's all too complicated... we stick with the status quo".What a shame.  Fast forward to 2019 and Boris was able to lie through his teeth campaign with a clear message and get a thumping 80 seat majority - by getting a few more racist old people in the North to vote for him than would normally do.Ultimately there was a majority of vote for Remain-parties but the way the cookie crumbled down the constituency-lines meant Boris and his team of ultra-right wingers got in.What can be done about this?I been looking at all the plethora of different voting system.  Boy are they complicated!!   I'm a programmer used to reading detailed manuals; reading the Wiki-page ma…