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Andorra Telecom STA SOM APN code

[18:05:46] Karl O'Meara: andreas.. u there [18:11:29] Andreas Klahr: Hi Karl, on the mobile [18:12:23] Karl O'Meara: if you can can you go into internet settings and tell me the APN for STA? [18:12:55] Karl O'Meara: you would have thought thats on their website... but no [18:14:17] Andreas Klahr: Internetand [18:14:25] Karl O'Meara: thats the fucker... thanks Update July 2016 Outside Andorra that didn't work.  Checking STA site today it mentions APN of just INTERNET.  So maybe that is worth a try now it is just 0,05c a Mb.

A Derivation of Crypto-Currencies - Bitshares - the end of stock markets are we know it?

The investment business world is dominated by the transactions of equities in small, medium and large enterprises. These take place is stock markets and broking-houses all over the world.  This is a multi-trillion dollar business. It is vital for global business that this market is operating and healthy. With the rise of crypto-currencies and the technology and ideas behind them: I also see an alternative to traditional equity purchases and holdings - "the Bitshare". Just as exciting as Bitcoin and friends:  The Bitshare is even more persuasive.  Whereas with Bitcoin you need to convince the holder of the coin that it has some value.  With Bitshares - there is value:  It is the proportion of the companies' stock that it represents. Stock markets and broking houses cream off a small but very significant percentage off each transaction.  This has made stock brokers the world over, extremely wealthy.  And hence, like Banks, make themselves targets of the crypto-cu