Andorra Telecom STA SOM APN code

[18:05:46] Karl O'Meara: andreas.. u there
[18:11:29] Andreas Klahr: Hi Karl, on the mobile
[18:12:23] Karl O'Meara: if you can can you go into internet settings and tell me the APN for STA?
[18:12:55] Karl O'Meara: you would have thought thats on their website... but no
[18:14:17] Andreas Klahr: Internetand
[18:14:25] Karl O'Meara: thats the fucker... thanks

Update July 2016

Outside Andorra that didn't work.  Checking STA site today it mentions APN of just INTERNET.  So maybe that is worth a try now it is just 0,05c a Mb.


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