Landcycle: Unveiling My Property Development Toolkit

Greetings property development enthusiasts! I'm thrilled to share a project that's close to my heart – Landcycle. It's been 3 years in the making: Blood, sweat and tears have all featured in it's production.

As the primary developer and project manager behind this venture, let me walk you through the features that make it a game-changer in the realm of England and Wales property and land projects.

Map-based plot exploration:

Landcycle starts with a simple yet powerful interface that lets you visually explore land plots based on Land Registry titles. Imagine an interactive map offering insights into potential development sites and ownership details – all within a few clicks.

Constraint layers at your fingertips:

Understanding the specifics and constraints of a potential development site is paramount. Landcycle simplifies this by layering on information like flood plains, green belts, railways, roads, and more. It can be an amazing too for assessing a plot's viability based on environmental and infrastructural factors.

Practical Distance Measurement:

For those immersed in planning new constructions, Landcycle provides distance measurement tools. Want to sketch out shapes on the map to measure distances accurately? This feature is a practical, hands-on approach that's going to be amazing for your planning process.

Who Owns What? A Simple Query, A Simple Solution:

Unraveling the mystery of land ownership used to be a hassle – not anymore. Landcycle simplifies the process, providing ownership details for specific plots. And if that info isn't publicly available (like it is for companies and government organisations), worry not – you can snag Title deeds for a £3 each - exactly the same as Land Registry - except that you can save these PDF directly into your account rather than having to organise them on your hard disk yourself.

  1. Your Contact Database:
    Landcycle allows you to gather names and addresses of interesting plots in one accessible contact database. No more scrambling when someone calls in – everything is neatly organised for your convenience in your "My Database" and "Plots and Contacts" functions. You can find a contact calling in seconds by using their name, and also quick or unique codes like postcode, title number or letter sequence number.

No-Fuss Letter Writing:

Ever wished for a seamless way to communicate with landowners? Enter Landcycle's automated letter writing system. Draft personalised letters directly on the platform, and a third-party service handles the printing and sending. It's a straightforward solution to connect with potential collaborators without the usual hassle. Our letter writing system is best-in-class - I have to blow my own trumpet here - you just use merge tags in the same way you'd do a Word document print run.

To summarise:

Landcycle is the toolkit I crafted to navigate the intricate world of property development. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just still finding your footing, the platform's practical features are tailor-made to simplify the process. Join me on this journey as I explore and experiment with Landcycle, aiming for a more connected and efficient experience in the captivating realm of real estate development.

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