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How to deploy a standalone .net forms website as an application

The Story (for coders only)… I need an application to manage background services on a website I run. These services are still in debug/development mode so I create them as Windows Forms applications rather than true “windows services”. This works well as I can breakdown the tasks and build single applications to do e.g. clean up tasks or schedule Tweets with them.  Each application has a thread, and if one is misbehaving it doesn’t take down the whole system.  I can Debug/Step through applications in Visual Studio and see where they going wrong, then restart them easily enough. So I currently have an “Orchestrator” application that controls all these background service apps. Current System The server is set to autologin using sysinternals autologon.  Then I add a scheduled task to fire up this Orchestrator application. The Orchestrator then queries the server to see the runstate of each application in it’s list. If one is not running it will fire

Cannot login to Windows 10 safe mode password incorrect

If you have to login to Windows 10 in safe mode and it tells you your password is incorrect. Try using a previous password! Yeah.. mad as that is... That is the case with me.... Oh dear Microsoft ...