Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Comparison on BonArea and Pyrenees

So recently 'belle and I came back from Tarragona on our own.  It was quite hard for 'belle as we've had the same videos in the car for a while, and I could hear her sign heavily within about 45 mins.

We got as far as Guissona and I saw that the lights at BonArea were on.  So I figured a break was probably a good idea, although it was getting late.

The restaurant section was open, as was about half of the main shop.  There was a curtain placed what seem arbitrarily across the middle of the store.  In the UK we used have a similar thing when Sunday opening, but the supermarkets weren't allowed to sell booze.  But I could see all kinds of things behind the curtain, like cleaning products etc, things that certainly wouldn't come under any religious ban.  Anyway...

I kept the receipt and then some time later I went round the Pyrenees.  Bit of an unfair comparison I guess as we 20mins away from the Pyrenees and 2hrs from BonArea. Saying that there is a BonArea in La Vella and it has less product range, but identical prices.


Bon Area Pyrenees % Increase Comments  
Oli Oliva Bon Area 1L 3.23 Carbonell Oli D'Olivia 3.69 14%


Galeta Xocolate 0.94 Cote D'Or 1.95 107% Much bigger brand, but the BonAreas did taste nice need to compare. WP_001953
Llet Sencera 0.57 Puleva Calci 1.22 86% This one is semi-skimmed but I don't think there was a price difference. WP_001955
Paper Alumini 30m 1.44 Videla Paper Alumini 2.68 86%   WP_001958
Nectar de Taronja 0.72 "Ready" Zumo de naraja 0.79 9.7%   WP_001972
Ous L Dotzena 1.22 Deu Ou L Rectractil 2.15 76%   WP_001962
Plantan Importac (per Kg) 0.97 Banana "Cabendish" Costa Rica (per Kg) 1.85 90%   WP_001967
Pistatxos 200g 1.95 Manazanares 175g 3.24 66% Less quanity. The BonArea ones weren´t the best ever. Need to compare. WP_001961
Tomaquet Cherry 0.53          
Enciam Iceberg 0.75 Enciam Iceberg 0.95 26.6%   WP_001965
Xoc amb llet Bonarea 150g 0.59 Casino Xoco Blanc 1.45 145% Need to taste compare. WP_001959
Mandarina 2kg 2.04 Taronja (was mandarins) 2K 2.75 34%   WP_001964
Albergina (per Kg) 0.70 Albergina (per Kg) 3.95 464% WHAT! WP_001966
Fromatge Porcions 0.95 Vaca qui rit 1,69 77% Taste test proved in favour of brand. However big difference in price. WP_001963

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Short phone numbers Hall of Shame

Another common problem on the Internet I have often encountered (in addition to the apostrophe problem with my name) is web forms not accepting the very short phone numbers we have in Andorra, which is where I live.

So often the process of form filling is fraught with difficulties. Lots of times have I filled in forms only to find that the final step, maybe activation via SMS or phone call has failed.

So like my other Hall of Shame I get to let off steam by posting the failing websites addresses here.  First off a big one.  Twitter.

1)  Twitter does not accept short phone numbers for its "add mobile to account" form.

2) They even auto-detect my IP and give me STA Andorra Telecom (The only phone company) as a choice e.g.   but lo and behold the short number still does not work.

Jon Danzig explains why the EU was created

This reason alone is sufficient for me to wish that the UK rejoins the EU.