Apostrophe Hall of Shame

The apostrophe in my name does cause a whole load of hassle.

Luckily for me, as a programmer, it makes me more likely to understand the frustration people must experience when they sign up on Internet forms and the thing fails.

These can include:

  • Validation errors kicking out my perfectly legal full name.
  • Database INSERT errors as the the apostrophe is the termination character.
  • Insufficient digits for my perfectly usable Andorran mobile number.
  • Messed up character when I enter the name of our house in the Pyrenees called 'Chalet Eché'.
Now living in Iberia with all the accents and other non-English characters, I can see we got a long way to go.

A lot of sites make it damn hard to contact them in any meaningful way so as a little helpful reminder here are some of the more annoying form breaks I've discovered as I surf the web.  I suspect a techie looking at the web server logs is more likely to pick up this post, rather than a customer support person who probably wouldn't know what I was on about.

Apostrophe Hall of Shame 



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