no Friends-Reunited

So farewell then FriendsReunited!  Typically British invention totalled by superior American effort.



Here are my musings on there, before they get deleted.



Went to Nottingham to Uni - realised there was a lot more cash and fun in computers rather than biology!

Updated 2001 - Changed my career direction, and stayed in Nottingham for many years. Recently returned to London and work in a .com in the city. Live in Oval, Kennington and would love to hear from anyone who I had a laugh with at Shrewsbury, Epsom or college.

Updated 2002 - .com went under. hehe. so cleared off travelling in SE Asia. Found an interesting new job in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and am still here. Got a pet-project website which I do on the side.

Update 2004 - Been contracting back in the UK for a while. Itchy feet feeling coming on again.
I can be spammed happily at - bendecko at h*tmail c*m with the word NOSPAM in the subject line

Uodate 2006 - Now in Tarragona Spain, have the most amazing son Henry O'Meara, and a wonderful lady Tanya. Living in top floor flat overlooking a park with views of the Mountains. Will get round to learning Spanish (and maybe even Catalan) at some point. Right now tho' spend most of my time looking at laptop screeen and on VOIP phone.

Update 2009 - Family growing. Isabel O'Meara born 16.6.2009 Still in Valls, Tarragona but now in a house. Still can't speak Catalan. Still looking at laptop. 

Update 2012 - Seems like FR has been usurped by FB. We in Andorra now and can be found on FB and linkedin. FB profile picture is not me, but a mustachio'ed man I admired in my youth. It is me anyway and I'll connect with anyone that remembers me or thinks I might be a useful contact today.




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