Nottingham Victoria Railway Station

Reading this article and the section on St Pancras I am reminded of another, albeit much smaller, station that appears to be architected in a similar style.  That is of my old University town of Nottingham.


I used to see the Viccy centre clock town and often would use it as a navigation point for meeting people or directions etc, however never realising that is was once part of a magnificent station.  Only now many years later did I read the truth.


How short-sighted, or ignorant, or both could the town planners, councillors etc. been from the 60s and 70s?   I think, damn the expense, we should knock down completely hideous disasters like the Victoria Centre and rebuild brick for brick only buildings like this.    The Germans have beautified many of their cities.   It works well for American and Japanese tourists, and with minor adjustments could make our City centres more livable places again.


Here are a couple of pictures showing the before and after results of Nottingham Victoria…



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