Monday, August 20, 2012

What to bring as presents for people in India

Not being particularly good at spotting good gifts, here is a tip:  For people in India your old mobile phone is perfect.  Don’t forget the charger.    Any other old stuff like board games, plastic toys etc. will all be gratefully received.

Here are some pictures of our little home team.  Gopi, Anita, Anika and the little monkey Maheep.  is the address.

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  1. I also saw this which references China, "Gifts are exchanged frequently between the Chinese, and not just on special occasions. If you have dinner in someone's house to meet a prospective business partner or for any other pre-arranged meeting, both parties commonly exchange gifts as small tokens of friendship and good will. Westerners are often surprised at the number of gifts the Chinese hosts give. The general rule of thumb is to bring many little (gender non-specific) gifts when you travel to China. You never know when you'll meet someone who wants to present you with a special memento.."

    Good to know, and one to remember as one day a big China trip is in order.


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