India then and now

So we´ve been in Vallabh Vidyanagar for over 3 weeks now, and just one to
go. This town, it seems was inaugurated in the late '40s or earlt 50s and
apparently the house where we go to work is a 60s building. But it is hard
to tell because even new blocks of flats and houses seem to age very quickly
in the climate or with the lack of maintenance.

I been trying to look for some old photos of the Anand region on the net but
can't find any.  Maybe it was called something different in those days, or
maybe all the sites are in Gujarati. There seem to be a lot of old photos
of Europe from say 100 or 50 years ago, but nothing I could find on the

I did find 2 pictures of Connaught Place which is in Delhi.

Thanks to these guys:

What a difference!


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