FW: [snip].com

I had to vent to this guy.  And it feels good.

From: [snip]@omeara.co.uk
To: [snip]@[snip]namesales.com
Subject: RE: [snip].com
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2015 12:49:07 +0000

Hi [snip],


Look.. I'll be honest with you.  I´m an entrepreneur and programmer.  For years I've been setting up web businesses and have always been frustrated by "domainers" who I see as nothing but carpetbaggers, adding no value whatsoever to my ventures.    Whilst I have bought domains with traffic, I very rarely buy a "this domain is for sale"-domain.

I cannot tell you how over-the-moon I am about the new TLDs and never again shall I been beholden to someone trying to squeeze a sizable sum out of me for nothing.

Fairey is my wife's maiden name that she still uses professionally.  So I'd buy it as a gift for her, but nothing else.   That puts a sizeable cap on the amount of cash I'd be prepared to spend.

I recall from our previous engagements that the "owners" of this domain are looking for an astronomical sum for doing nothing - our price expectations are so out of alignment and together with the opening of the new TLD space I feel that we will never be on the same page, or even book.

I will please request you cease communications with me.

Best of luck with your business model.

Thanks for your time,



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